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Rental Income Statement Spreadsheet & Revenue Stream Tracker, Google Sheets Template , Landlord Profit and Loss, Great for Airbnb / Vrbo

If you are running a rental property, hosting on AirBnb or Vrbo, then this Google Sheets template is perfect for you.

To see a detailed walkthrough of this template on YouTube, check out this link: (please note, this walkthrough is of the full featured rental income statement, all features in this walk through may not be included in this listing).

Features Include:

- The landlords spreadsheet is designed initially for five properties, however you can easily add as many properties as you need.

- You can customize all property, income, and expense account names (the spreadsheet comes pre-built with commonly used income and expense names, but you can change them as you need).

- Easily customize to your fiscal year.

- Enter transactions into an easy to use register and the income statement and all reports automatically update.

- Automatically track revenue by channel (Airbnb, Vrbo, etc.). Shows revenue by channel and by month. Also tracks total nights rented vs total nights available each month.

- Includes a month-by-month profit and loss statement, as well as an automated summary analysis page to see your results from multiple views, helping you to see better your results and what areas you can improve.

- Includes easy dropdowns throughout the template to assist you in entering transactions correctly and step-by-step instruction.

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As with all my products, please contact me anytime for simple modifications/customizations at no additional charge.

Thank you for viewing my spreadsheet!

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