Excel is my passion.  

Making your work easier is my mission.

About Me

I really do love excels. I started using them in High School and they've now became one of my specialties in my career.

I have been an accountant for over fifteen years. My first six years were in public accounting, where I worked with a diverse set of clients. These clients ranged from Fortune 500 companies to single person businesses. With this range of clients, with a lot of varying needs, I learned to become creative with solving their problems. This is where I really started to develop my abilities with excel.

Over the last several years I have worked as the controller of a smaller manufacturing company. Excel has become one of our most critical tools for understanding our sales, orders, plant loading, inventory levels, and many other areas. One of my goals in our company is to provide people excels that easily provide them the information they need without a lot of additional "noise."

I'd like the opportunity to help you with whatever excel issue your having. If you have a need that requires excel, but don't know how to build a template or model, I am here to help. Don't spin your wheels, contact me to help find a solution.

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