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Simple Realtor Automated Profit and Loss Spreadsheet, Easy to Use Income Statement for Real Estate Agents, Excel Template

If you are a Real Estate Agent and need a simple solution for tracking your income and expenses, this excel template is the perfect template for your.

Built in consultation with a realtor, this template was built to ensure it fits the needs of Real Estate Agents who need a simple way to monitor their finances without a large time consumption for bookkeeping.

Features Include:

- Pre-built Profit and Loss Statement (also known as Income Statement) built with income and expense accounts specifically geared towards a Real Estate Agent's business.
- All income and expense categories are customizable to fit the needs of your specific business. Just change the name of an income or expense account on the income statement and it updates everywhere else
on the spreadsheet.
- Built with an automated "register". Enter transactions into a table, tell it what type of income or expense it is, and it will automatically populate on all reports. The "register" includes easy to use drop downs to
make selecting the right income or expense account faster and easier.
- Built with clean, concise graphs to give you better vision of your company's results.
- Includes summary and detailed Profit and Loss statements to allow you to see your finances exactly as you need.
- Includes a monthly P&L, showing each month's results side-by-side, allowing you to better see trends in your business.
- Originally built in Google Sheets, meaning better functionality in Google Sheets than a converted excel.

If you need a version to work on excel, please feel free to reach out to me.

As with all my templates, if you have any small modifications, or if you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for reviewing my listing.

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Sarah Kerluke
This is so helpful - I was going to try to...

This is so helpful - I was going to try to create something just like this, but having it made already is amazing :)
Thank you!!

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