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AirBnB Rental Income Statement, Google Sheets Spreadsheet, Track Monthly and Annual Income and Expenses for your Rental Company!

The item for sale is a AirBnb Income Statement, designed in Google Sheets. If you are an AirBnB host, this item will work perfectly for you.

Specific features include:
- A monthly income statement with all twelve months, pre-built with income and expenses that are designed for a AirBnB host or for a rental company.
- Income and expense names are fully customizable to fit your specific needs.
- Includes a quarterly income statement, and a month end and year-to-date income statement as well.
- Includes a quick schedule to show you what your monthly average income and expenses are, and also provides what an entire years income and expenses look like based off of your monthly results.
- Includes a summary schedule to show you your profit as compared to your property's purchase price, as well as your profit as compared to your current property's loan balance, allowing you to understand your overall return on your investment.

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As with all of my templates, if you have any questions, or need slight modifications, please feel free to reach out to me.

Thank you again for viewing my listing!

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Catonablade Rice
Fabulous and really helpful, saves on time...

Fabulous and really helpful, saves on time and is well done with instant download

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