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AirBnb Host Bookkeeping Spreadsheet, Google Sheets, Small Business Accounting Template, Profit and Loss Statement, Easy Expense Tracker

If you are an AirBnb host, and need a quick easy to use spreadsheet to track and understand your income and expenses, this Google Sheet template is perfect for you.

This AirBnb small business bookkeeping template is an easy to use, but comprehensive template that gives you a ton of great features to organize and monitor your AirBnb.

This spreadsheet was built with the help and consultation of an AirBnb host who manages multiple AirBnb listings, helping to ensure that this meets the needs of any AirBnb host.

Features include:

- Income and expense accounts pre-built for the types of items most likely to be used with an AirBnb listing.

- Fully customizable Sales and Expense categories, allowing you to make the spreadsheet fit your businesses specific needs.

- Easy to use table for inputting your income, cost of sales, and expenses. Table includes drop downs with your category names and property names, making inputting transactions easier and more accurate.

- Includes an easy to read "Dashboard", which summarizes your current month, current year, and prior year information into clear concise charts and graphs. The dashboard includes areas where you can review
your detail down to each specific category, with interactive charts showing each categories performance.

- Includes both a summary and detailed "profit and loss" statement that provides current months results, year to date results, and compares those with the prior year. This report is also designed to print on 8.5 x
11 paper if you need to present a nice, profit and loss statement. Summary income statement includes analysis showing your income and expenses on a per reservation basis.

- Includes two monthly income statements (one summary and one detailed) that allows you to see all your sales, cost of sales, and expenses for each month side-by-side. This is a great tool to really drill down
and see what your sales are doing and review expenses, allowing you to increase your profitability.

- Includes a detailed "break even analysis", so show you how many reservations you need to break even on your property.

- Includes easy to use instructions on how to customize, enter transactions, and review data.

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As with any of my templates, please feel free to contact me with any questions or requests for small modifications to the template.

Thank you so much for reviewing my listing!


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