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Small Business Order Tracker Spreadsheet, Google Sheets Template Easily track all of your orders in one place.

If your small business is managing multiple orders at the same time, this simple order tracker for Google Sheets is perfect for you.

This template includes three easy to use sections:

Order Detail Section
- Input basic information about your order (order number, date, due date, customer name, and customer contact information.)
- Once these basic items are input, the detail will automatically give you a status on your order (Not Due, Past Due, Paid).
- Automatically calculates how many days until its due or how many days past due.
- Includes a section to input the customers address, phone, and e-mail, making it easier to keep track off all of your customer's contact information.
- Includes an area to calculate and compare your estimated cost with your actual cost, as well as a place to input how many hours you believe it will take to complete your order.

Summary Section
- Once you input some basic information into the detail section, the summary section automatically provides you some easy to understand tables on your orders.
- Includes a table showing how many orders you have coming due or are past due by various time frames.
- Includes an "Order Aging by Due Date" showing how soon each order is due.
- Includes a table showing estimated sales (completed orders), and profit by week based upon the due date.
- Calculates how many orders an how many sales you've completed in the last week, month, and year.

As with any of my templates, please feel free to reach out either before or after purchase if you have any questions or need any small modifications.


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