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Small Business Invoice Tracker Spreadsheet, Google Sheets Template, Easily track all of your outstanding invoices in one place.

If your small businesses is making sales and sending out invoices, then this Google Sheets invoice tracking spreadsheet is the perfect tool for you.

This template includes three easy to use sections:

Invoice Detail Section
- Input basic information about your invoice (invoice number, date, due date, customer date, and customer contact information.)
- Once these basic items are input, the detail will automatically give you a status on your invoice (Not Due, Past Due, Paid).
- Automatically calculates how many days until its due, how many days past due, and how many days it took to pay.
- Includes a section to input the customers address, phone, and e-mail, making it easier to keep track off all of your customer's contact information.

Summary Section
- Once you input some basic information into the detail section, the summary section automatically provides you some easy to understand tables on your invoices, how old they are, and when you may get paid.
- Includes a table showing how much is not yet due, how much is past due, how much is outstanding in total, and how much cash you've collected in the last 30 days.
- Includes an "Accounts Receivable Aging Summary" report, which shows you how old your invoices from the date they were created.
- Includes a cash schedule showing how much you have collected by week over the past four weeks, and how much you can expect to collect in the next nine weeks.
- Includes an interactive table that allows you to filter your invoices based upon their status, allowing you to see certain groupings of your invoices.

Invoice Aging Report
- Also called a "Accounts Receivable aging report, this report shows all of your invoices, and groups them by how old the invoice is. This is a good tool to help you in case you need an invoice is getting old and
needs collected.

As with any of my templates, please feel free to reach out either before or after purchase if you have any questions or need any small modifications.


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