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Small Business Bookkeeping Template | Profit and Loss Google Sheets Spreadsheet | Income Expense Tracker | Sales Tracker & Business Budget

Take control of your finances with our easy-to-use excel small business bookkeeping template! Perfect for small business owners or freelancers, this template will help you track your revenue and expenses, giving you a clear picture of your financial performance. Simply input your data, and the template will calculate your profit or loss for you. With a user-friendly design and intuitive layout, this template is perfect for anyone, regardless of their excel expertise. Download and start using this template today to take the first step towards financial success!

To see a YouTube walkthrough of this template please go to , please note this video may show some features not included in this listing.

Features of this income statement template include:

- Automated Profit and Loss and Register: Enter transactions into an easy to use register (similar to a checkbook) and the profit and loss template automatically calculates your total income and expenses. The register includes drop downs to make entering transactions easier.

- Fully customizable: Easily add, remove, or rename any income or expense name on the setup page.

- Customize your fiscal year. Easily change your fiscal year end on the setup page.

- Detailed Monthly Income Statement: See every month’s profit and loss report side-by-side with an automated monthly income statement.

- Interactive Summary “Dashboard” Report: The summary dashboard report shows income and expenses over the last twelve months and includes easy to use charts. It also includes an interactive income and expense section that allows you to select any specific income or expense account to see its trends over the past 12 months.

- Budgeting: Includes an area to enter your income and expense budget by month and then automatically compare to actual results.

- Paycheck Tracker: This report allows you to input paycheck information to show income, taxes withheld, and deductions by employee, and then totals it for the current month and year-to-date.

- Bank Reconciliation Tool: This tool is one of my favorites. With this you can enter transactions into the register and track outstanding checks on your checking or savings account and reconcile each month with your bank statement. Pre-built for up to 3 checking or savings accounts.

- Customer Payor Tracker: This feature allows you to automatically total all payments received by customers and paid to vendors solely based off of the entries you enter into the register. The tracker totals by current month, current year-to-date, and prior year-to-date.

As with any of my templates, if you have any small modifications need or questions, please always feel free to message me on Etsy.

Thanks for viewing my listing!

Customer Reviews

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Justin Hitchcock
Great Product!!! Very Reasonable Price!!!

For a small business, this product is all you need. As long as you have a little experience working in excel or google sheets, you can easily customize this tool to make it work for your business. There is some manual copying and pasting required from bank statements, but it's not a big time commitment once you get the process down. You could pay for a more automated software with a monthly fee, but I started a trial for one and it was more trouble than it's worth to get set up. In the bookkeeping template, it's nice to see the backend formulas so you can see exactly what's going on. Plus, Andrew was super responsive and helpful when I had a couple questions getting things set up.

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