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Profit and Loss and Monthly Budget Spreadsheet. Google Sheets. Track your business and personal income and expenses in one spreadsheet.

If you need a quick, easy solution for tracking your personal and business income and expenses, then this personal budget and profit and loss combination Google Sheets template is exactly what you need. It's perfect for the person with a small business or side hustle.

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Personal Budget Features:

This template lets you easily monitor both each month's income and expenses, as well as the entire year. Features include:

- Four groups to classify all your income and expenses:
- Income: Wages, business income, rental property income, interest, dividends, etc.
- Debt Payments: Mortgages, student debt, credit cards, auto loan.
- Required Spending: Utilities, groceries, insurance taxes.
- Optional Spending: Entertainment, merchandise, restaurants.
- Add as many income or expense types as you need to each of these four groups, and customize all the names to fit your personal financial needs.
- The budget automatically tells you how much money you have left after each of the three expense sections (debt, required spending, and optional spending).
- Includes an easy to use register to input all income and expenses. Entries into the register automatically update on the streamlined budget. Register includes drop
downs to help make entering transactions faster.
- Automatically totals all budgeted and actual items to show you year-to-date results an what your monthly average is for all expense items.
- Step-by-step instructions are included.
- Includes a summary analysis section above the details of each monthly budget.
- Business income is automatically entered into the personal budget based on results entered on the automated profit and loss template.

Profit and Loss Features:

- Enter transactions in an easy to use register, and they automatically update on the main profit and loss statement. Drop downs are included to help speed up
entering transactions.
- Profit and loss statement shows monthly and year-to-date results.
- Includes a monthly profit and loss statement to show results side-by-side.
- Easily customize, and add or remove accounts as needed.

As with all of my templates, if you have any questions, issues, or need small modifications, please reach out to me here on Etsy.

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