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Monthly Income Statement and Balance Sheet, Google Sheets Spreadsheet, Perfect for Small Business or Side Hustle Financial Statements

For purchase is a Google Sheets download of an easy to use, easy to print, monthly income statement (also known as a profit and loss report) and balance sheet.

It combines two of my most popular listings together to sell at a lower combined price. Details for each speadsheet:

Monthly Income Statement:
Just enter the total income, cost of goods sold, and expenses for the month on each respective line. This template will automatically calculate total income, cost of goods sold, and total expenses. It will also calculate gross margin and net income.

It also includes printouts that show a single month and year to date, as well as a printout showing results by quarter.

Monthly Balance Sheet:
This report is an easy to use spreadsheet to track your assets, liabilities and see your equity.

It's also designed to automatically balance assets with liabilities and equity (a requirement of balance sheets).

You can change all account names as needed to fit your company. Add, remove, or change any names.

It also includes printouts that show just a single month, as well as a report that shows all four quarters of the year.

As with all my listings, if you have any questions or requests for slight changes, please reach out to me and I'd be happy to help!

Thank you for viewing my listing!

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