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Income Statement for Charities, Non-Profits, Fundraisers, and Churches. Easy to use charity spreadsheet, Donor List and Donation Letter

This file is designed to assist in accounting for small non-profits, charities, and churches. It is designed to automatically create profit and loss statements, as well as fund statements based upon the dates entered. The system automatically calculates these various statements based upon entries into a “register,” similar to what you would enter in a check register.

Additionally, this file is built to help track donor data, and produce a letter you can customize as needed that will automatically calculate a donor’s contributions for a year.

To see an example of the file being used, go to:

The file produces automatically after inputting transactions several forms of an income statement (profit and loss statement), as well as several helpful graphics.

Also includes an area to track donor info, as well as producing a donor letter.

As with any of these files, if you need small tweaks, please contact me and I can make them free of charge. Also, if you need assistance importing older data to produce the prior year financials, I am available to do this for an additional fee if you contact me.

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Halvorson
Excellent spreadsheet! Very easy to use. T...

Excellent spreadsheet! Very easy to use. Thank you.

David Conroy
I am SOOOO glad I purchased this spreadshe...

I am SOOOO glad I purchased this spreadsheet. It will saved me hours of time and loads of money. I have searched days for a spreadsheet that would meet my needs for my new 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and everything was so expensive. When I got the spreadsheet I immediately saw that it would meet my needs, but I had a very small request. I reached out to Andrew and he was more than happy to help me. You don't find service that that much anymore. SimpleExcelSolutions has my future business and my highest recommendation. Check out Andrew's expertly created spreadsheets; you'll be very glad that you did!

Nikayla Hickle
Andrew was so helpful and responsive to al...

Andrew was so helpful and responsive to all my questions. He went above and beyond to help me customize my spreadsheet. This is a game changer for me. Thank you so much

Cindy Schoen
Perfect match for my needs. I was able to...

Perfect match for my needs. I was able to reach out with messaging and find the right product.

Miriah Padberg
The non-profit spreadsheet template was ea...

The non-profit spreadsheet template was easy to use and nicely formatted.

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