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Event Budget Expense Tracker, Excel Template, Track Budgeted and Actual Expenses on Multiple Events, Great for Event Planners

The item for sale is an easy to use event budget tracker. This is great for event and wedding planners who have to track costs to multiple events at the same time. Built for use in excel, this tracker can track multiple events for each month of the year. Includes:

- Easy to customize labels such as event names, event categories, and expense categories. Event tracker includes drop downs to help set up each event.
- Plant up to 6 events per months.
- Includes all twelve months pre-built.
- Enter actual expenses into an easy to use register that updates the events budget tracker automatically. Register includes drop downs to make entering expenses
- Includes an easy to use set up page to set up all events, expenses, and expense categories.
- Includes summary totals to show all expenses for the month, as well as for year-to-date.
- Includes a summary page that shows total budgeted and actual expenses for event categories and expense categories.
- The bottom of each month includes breakdowns showing budgeted and actual expenses for event categories and expense categories for that specific month.

To watch a walkthrough of this template, go to:

This item was actually built with the assistance of an event tracker, who helped to provide key insights to ensure a product that will meet the needs of any event tracker.

As with any of my templates, if you have any questions or small modifications needed, please feel free to reach out.

Thank you for viewing my listing!

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